Coverage in SF Examiner and SF Examiner on Research presentation at Local Homeless Coordinating Board


SF Examiner 10.2 “SF’s New Homeless Unit Accused of Heavy Handed Policing”

SF Weekly 10.3: “City’s Response to 311 Homeless Calls Under Fire

A presentation I co-organized with the Coalition on Homelessness at the Local Homeless Coordinating Board about the city’s new unified command center to address street homelessness is in the news. Not the best written article - could have provided more data that was presented showing the prominence of policing and street cleaning in this effort that the journalist just quotes claims on - but good to be putting this on folk's radar as the vote for Prop C approaches. Without more funding for housing, shelter, and street outreach - police and street cleaners are going to remain the primary responders to homelessness at a huge human and financial cost.

Here is the Powerpoint Presentation.

christopher herring